The Reason for Your Slow Hair Growth


Normally, human hair grows 1.5 cm every month. But many also do not feel meaningful growth for months. In fact, you really want to try a variety of different hairstyles to ward off boredom. If you are searching for the best Laser hair growth, you can visit our website. Here are some reasons your hair will grow longer.

Short Growth Cycles Caused by Genetics

Human hair has 3 phases, namely anagen (growth), catagen (rest) and telogen (loss). In the catagen phase, hair breaks for 3 months before entering the telogen phase, which is hair loss. This cycle will repeat for life. Well, the anagen phase that determines hair growth varies in each person, the range is between 2-6 years. The shorter the cycle, the longer the hair will grow.

Exposure to Heat Makes Hair Difficult to Grow

Do you often use a vise, blow drier or hair curler? If so, heat and dry will reduce the moisture of the cuticles and make hair brittle and break easily. With the condition of the cuticle that is not healthy, it takes time to grow new hair.

Nutrient intake is less balanced

Consuming too much sugar, for example, will make blood sugar rise and make cavities in the roots of the hair smaller so that it inhibits hair growth. Likewise, when lacking protein, it can affect the low levels of keratin in the hair which can make hair loss.

Stress Can Make Hair Loss

When stressed, there are two things that might happen to hair. First, you unconsciously tug at your hair until it is pulled from its roots. Second, nerves send signals to the hair root cells to enter the catagen phase (stop growing and resting), then enter the telogen phase (loss). Both make you lose hair without being replaced quickly.

Dehydration Can Make Hair Growth Slow down

The bodily functions will not run smoothly without enough water, including the hair. First, 1/4 of hair is water, so a lack of fluids can make hair dry and withered. Second, the water that carries vitamins to the roots of the hair and hydrates the whole hair slows down or stops altogether. Dehydration not only slows hair growth but makes hair brittle and fall out.

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